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I'M ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys! I know i haven't updated this thing in nearly two years but i've had a lot going on since i last updated and i'm going to walk you through it lol.

First of all, my mom got a new job in 2010 but by September she got fired for some stupid reason that wasn't her fault! :( So after that we moved in with my Uncle for over a month until someone told the place he was living that we were living there, which wasn't allowed *rolleyes* So after that, we had to go to a homeless Shelter until December then we got a place and m,y mom had a new job, sounds like nothing could go wrong, WRONG! Someone at my mom's new job told a lie and got her fired so we had to go back to the Homeless Shelter and this time we were there for over 3 months and then we landed the place we are at now and this time i really hope it's for good because there was nothing but drama at that damn place, it wasn't fun :( But i did meet some people there that will probably be my friends forever because they get me and looked out for me and didn't let anyone mess with me.

Secondly, I've had a lot of health issues since we last talked - My diabetes has spun out of control, so much that i was almost put on insulin :( Back in February, i got Pnemonia in both my lungs and was admitted to the hospital for like 4 days but they tried to get me to do insulin which my parents' aid no way! So i started taking my diabetes more seriously an dtaking my pill everyday *nods* But i have been admitted to the ER quite a few times over the last year - I doubled over in pain back in December and it turned out my Gallbladder was swollen so i had to get it taken out then like 3 weeks later i had to get a stint put in my kidneys for a week then taken out and now my side, legs, hands and head is killing me and it's very painful, i don't know what's wrong :(

Sorry for talking your ear off, things have changed a lot since i last updated and wanted to let you all know, if i still have people who check this journal anyway, what was going on! TYSM for your patience and your love! *kisses*

Okay, my life has been super freaking busy since my last update and i'm gonna tell you all about it, some are very personal so please do not repat to anyone sle *P*

My diabetes has been kinda haywire a lot these days, some days I have low sugarts, some days I have really high ones. once, i had a 400 *eek* I guess I need to start taking a class on what to eat, how much and how often *lol* and then my stupid mother had a high blood sugar one night and took the pill i take and was taken to the hospital the next morning from not eating, It was scary, she's fine but it was still scary. and then 2 weeks later she was blacking out at work and a dropped a 100 + water thing on her foot and got third degree burns, she's fine now but her foot took a long time to heal.

I need my firneds these days, i have never told anybody this, EVER so do not tell anyone please? My grandma (My mom's) died back in January 2006 and after that, my mom started getting really depressed and cured it with medication, at first it wasn't that bad but then she started taking 2 at a time, sometime 3 at a time, it's scary and evertytime she gets them i'm worried, I never once thought my mom would turn out to be a drug addict, I just have all this pain buried because of it.

Anyway, i've been thinking a lot about my past relationships with those two guys that cheated on me and i've come to the decision that it's their fault, not mine, which i kbow is stupid to blame myself fro what they did but I did, for a really long time and i'm stopping. I saw both of them on Saturday, they've got new GF's and I can only say this, i feel sorry for them, because their gonna get hurt, like i did. and i
ve also been thinking about a missed love chance i had before i moved about 4 1/2 years ago, i had this major crush on this guy, jock of course but I thought he only said he liked me as a game cause he treated like crap for years till middle school and then all fo a suiddne he likes me, i don't know lol. But Everytime i think of him i get all these regretful feelings, like i missed out on something real and remarkable. Because the last day of school before we moved he was being kinda sweet and he touched my arm and well i don't know, am i stupid? am i retarded?

Anyway, i love Damon/elena & Ian/nina so i guess life is good afterall lol.

to My girls: Lala, Nat, Rita, Brenda, Kara, Cori, Dre, Laura, Eva, Sally, Steph, and everyone else at the De thread, ILY girls and meeting you has really changed my life, lots of love.

Sara xoxo


Hey guys, i know it's been like two months since I updated last, but I've been really busy with stuff lately but I finally found time to sit down and type all this, so I'm gonna update all of you what's been up with me lately lol.

Okay, first off, my diabetes is under control, for now, at least, I'm taking my medication when I feel like it, usually after I get home from the library just because I want to lol. My A1C was better than last time but still not where it should be but that's okay lol, it will be next time, I swear!

Second off, i met a new guy, and he seems more genuine and really sweet than the last guy, My exes didn't start out being all sweet and gentle, they were complete idiots from day one, this one's different. We've been spending a lot of time together, we haven't acted on it yet, but I have no doubt he feels the same way too, I'm a girl, we know these things but I am taking precautions this time, not spending every moment with him and keeping an eye on my heart, this time is gonna be different!

and last but not least, I've been making a lot of icons lately and their turning out really good and everything, at least, I like them lol. I might be posting them really soon but it may be awhile, I'm not sure thier as good as LJ icons should be yet so be aware LOL. ENJOY!

PS I'm still in a Motel but we may be getting out really soon! I HOPE!!!!


Top Ten hottest scenes on Television!

Hey guys, been awhile since i posted anything so i'm updating with this countdown of my ten favorite hot scenes on TV, I didn't forget Brucas or MaxLiz or anything, just couldn't fit them on the countdown and couldn't find the ML caps i wanted so here it is, ten hot scenes I can't ever forget!

Ten; Dawson&Joey ~ 6x01

I love love love this scene, So Much! I can't get over how hot and sweet is it, seriously! I ship both PJo and DJo but this scene will always be one of my favorites from these two, the chemistry was boiling and the heat was high, it was just perfection *thuds*

nine; Pacey&Joey ~ 6x17

I can't not, will I ever, get enough of this scene, these two and the hot chemistry here!!!!! I love it, it's seriously one of their best scenes, and one of my guilty pleasures *sigh*

eight; Eric&Sookie ~ 2x10

Can you say HOTNESS!!!!! i used to be all BS but then 208 came along and i switched to ES and boy am I glad i did, this scene was chemistry filled, hot as hell and the smiles and sexy kissees, WOWXAAAA!

seven; Alex&Izzie ~ 2x07

ONE OF THE BEST TV KISSES EVER!!! I'm not joking,t his kiss was always my favorite between them, how he just kisses her and her breathless look after was all win, WIN WIN WIN!!!!!

Six;Puck&Rachel ~ 1x08

This still remains the hottest scene of the show, i'm not kidding! i'm all about Puck./Quinn too, But i love this scene so much,t he smiles and the kissing is amazing, I can't get over it, serious chem here!

five; Spike&Buffy ~ 6x09


Four; Nate&Serena ~ 1x01
Flashbacks are amazing, these two have got serious chemistry, i loved every part of this scene, it was seriously love, all about love, it was just GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

three; Sawyer&Kate ~ 3x08


Two; Lucas&Peyton ~ 1x12

TUMMY KISSES <3333333333333333333333

one; Chuck&Blair ~ 1x07
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG, These two are my OTP and this is seriously the hottest moment on the show, still and that's saying a lot! I was a NBer in S1 but over the summer before S2 Began, i fell hard over them and this scene is awesome, EL have got serious chemistry!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my Tyop ten, Hope you liked it!

UGH i forgot to hide all the arts and stuff, UGH and now it won't let me BAWLSSS!

Just some CB & CaS from 3x01 and some filming pics of CB/EL!

Chuck/Blair (3x01)

It's been three hours, i missed you.Collapse )

sorry it got jumbled up, hope you like and please credit either Sara (My name) or NBalways *kisses*


Hey girls, I know I updated last week but I just wanted to put your minds at ease about me and everything and tell you some other things to make you see I'm okay.

Okay firstly, I have not been coming to the library like at all this week and not that much last week, Because the medicine they got me on just Sucks! LOL laugh as you may, it does, It drops my blood sugar low, It gives me chills, Make me feel weird and makes me so hungry lol. Now I have a handle on it now I thonk, But I can only stay three hours at a time now cause after three-four hours gotta eat or I'll be very very sick so If I'm not here much that's why lol.

Now I always knew I had a chance of getting Diabetes, i had it when I was a baby but It went away after six weeks and my mom has been begging me for like years to get tested but me being a wuss and afraid of Needles, didn't want to but two weeks ago I was getting blood taken for something else and they went right ahead and took it for the one thing I didn't want, Bastards LMAO. they called a week later and TADah diabetic LOL. Now I may be a bit sarcastic and you may worry but don't, sometimes humor makes you feel better when things are falling apart around you. I've asked God why me? Why after everything I've been through, why this? I hate that I have it, But now that I know I can do something about it and take care of myself.

I love all of my friends on here, you've all been very sweet, loyal and very kind to me thorughout it all, My two Jackass Exes, My family problems and now this, thank you all very much,m i love you and I hope you all are healthy and doing good, Update soon!


As this world turns and turns!

Alright, it's been a while since my last update, Like a month and i thought you all Should know about what's going on lately, It's a long story *lol*

Firstly, My Ex Has left me alone for quite a while now, like 4 or 5 weeks since I updated this thing So That's a good thing, He was reaslly stressing me out and stuff so i am just so damn happy He's got the hint, It's A happy world in that portion lol.

Now in the concerning part of my world, I have Type 2 Diabetes now. i've known for about two weeks now and It's not as easy as you think to learn you have a possible life threatning illness, It runs in my family, aklmost every memeber of my family, both sides (mom's and Dad's) Have diabetes and I had it when i was a baby but it went away. now my life is really changing, i now have to take medication to get it under control, which can and possibly drop my blood sugar to dangerous levels if i don't eat 3-4 hours after i take it, It happened yestersday. I was getting an MRI done to see why I'm having headaches and stuff and when It was over, i got up and felt weird, Ten minutes later i was so hungry I felt like i was going to pass out, It was so scairy and worrying. As usual, Leave it to god to make a new twist in my life, i swear to god this sucks!

But i do not want any of you to worry, I'll be fine, i'm taking medicine now to get it under control and i'll update as often as i can and will be on Fanforum as often as I can, But only for 3 hours at a time, If i had my own computer again it wouldn't be as bad *lol* i promise to tell you all if i have a really big complication with it but till then I'm fine, i swear, Don't worry!

I love you!!!!



Here are some BL & LP I've made, Enjoy & Please Credit!
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